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Dear Friends, Students and Colleagues,

It is with great sadness to inform you the BKS Iyengar has passed from this body.

In memory, we share a recent message of Guruji's: 

Without consideration of caste, class, creed, religion or region, ... it is said that the only royal path is yoga. This alone is the path that purifies the seeker of truth and no other.

With my deep love and affection toward you all, my heart is throbbing with a sense of gratitude; words fail me and I find it extremely difficult to send a message to you all, my yogic children to whom I am bound.

A message conveys that I am parting with you, but actually I am also close and attached .... Even those who learned and later parted from me are close to my heart because they carry the same message of yoga - the unity in diversity. Please know that we are all brought together by the invisible hands of God to jointly work towards integrating yoga further and further. This yoga - art, science and the self-culture of man braided together - has bound us forever and this affectionate bond and feeling that belongs to the heart, not the head, is not capable of being conveyed. These are feelings which have made us all live in contentment and emanate the rays of love and delight.

Archana Yoga offers small classes with an emphasis on individual attention in a relaxed setting. The studio is a fully equipped Iyengar studio with mats, blankets, ropes and wooden props. Iyengar yoga emphasizes alignment in precision while increasing strength and relaxation.


"To be dull is easy, to be active requires tremendous work."


Fall classes will begin on September 8th with a class with Susan. For the first month or so I am back teaching all classes will be open levels. As I add more classes back I may divide the levels again. Fees will stay the same with the exception of unlimited and once a week will be the same price of $175.

Hi folks, 

Below please find my schedule for September into early Novemberr. I am starting with a limited program. I am doing very well but still in recovery mode from surgery. Do mark your calendars!

9/28 Monday 6p Susan

10/2 Thursday    6:30 Josie

10/6 Mon. 6pm Susan (only class this week)

10/14 Tu 6pm Susan

10/16 TH 6:30pm Josie

10/22 Wed 6pm J

10/23 Th 6:30pm j

10/29 Wed 6pm

10/30 Th 6:30p

Tuesday class will be added in Nov.

No class 11/20 & 27


Fall session - 

unlimited classes or Once/week $175.

Yoga bucks 5@$60.

Drop-in $15

Private instruction available @ $60/hour or 5@$250.

Cash or checks made out to Josephine Lazarus, only please 

Archana Yoga, a school for Iyengar Yoga

Josephine Lazarus, Iyengar Certified Instructor

914 South 132nd Street

Gilbert AZ 85233